Australia vs Canada PR - which is better?

With 454 prospective CRS points in hand and also waiting for a WES result,should I wait or proceed with Australia draw?
What would you choose if you were me?Australia or Canada?

Am expecting WES to respond by March 15th.(FYI,I have done my “Australia vs Canada” research).

People take immigration decisions based on the job, family situation and future aspirations.

Your situation may be different than you. So, i cant really say what i would have done of i were you.

Where are you currently located and what job ptofile you hold?
Do you have invite from Canada or Australia yet?

Am currently residing in USA, since 2015 ,working as a IT consultant with a H1B visa.
I am planning to move out of USA for better citizenship prospects in Canada or Australia.
I submitted EOI for Aus draw on feb 3rd 2019.
As mentioned in my earlier query,I have 454 CRS points too.I am yet to apply for Express Entry.
Just wanted to know which would be a better choice,Canada or Australia, for a more stable future and hazzle-free citizenship process.
I have no major family baggages or ambitious aspirations.Just in need of a switch.

Canada is closer to US - Travel, Time Zone

If you have a choice between Canada and Australia, go for Canada.

That way, you will be closer to US market with same time zone.

You can also come to US to work and go back anytime easily.
I have seen people who get both Canada and Australia choose Canada for above reasons.

IT Salary in Canada vs Australia : USA

Canada’s IT salaries are lower than US salaries by almost half for same job title and role.

Australia pays you almost at par with US salary though with same job profile.

You decide which one suits your case better.

Canada vs Australia weather

You know the difference. Snow vs warm weather. Each one of us has their own preference.

Working in US with Canada or Australia citizenship

Once you get Canada or US citizenship, US gives an option for each country to work in US using a special type of work visa other than L and H1B.

If you want to file a US green card after getting Canada or Australia citizenship, you will still be in the same overloaded ‘country of birth’ queue, which you are probably trying to escape now.

Canada vs Australia healthcare

Both Canad and Australia follow the same public health are system. You pay healthcare as part of income taxes and can buy private health insurance too.

This is same as FREE government hospital system in India (if you are from India, you know what it means).

But, the quality of service in government hospital in Canada and Australia is much better than India.

Income Taxes - Canada vs Australia vs US

Canada and Australia have much higher income tax rates than US.
That’s because you are paying for free healthcare too as part of income tax.

In US, you pay the healthcare insurance as part of per pay check deduction.

At the end of the day, the total deduction would be almost same in Canada, Australia and US.

Electronics, clothes, cars Cost

With no doubt and no competition, USA is the best country to buy cheapest branded clothes, cars and electronics.

You will NOT find any price lower in any other country as far as i know.

Prices for consumer products like TV, laptop, mobile, gaming consoles etc are higher than US in both Canada and Australia due to higher excise duties for imported products.

If you buy local brands in Canada or Australia, you can get them cheaper.

Home, Car insurance

Canada has much higher rate of car insurance than US.

A Canadian may be easily paying CAD $200+ per month for new Honda civic as compared to about USD $90 per month.

Australia is somewhere closer to US in car insurance rates but certainly higher.

What else can i cover here? Any other topic that you need some information with?


I have added more thoughts comparing both Canada and Australia.

Let me know what you think and if any other topic that you may want to know.

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