Australia subclass 189 draw and police check

When is the next draw for "Software Engineer " in 2019?
If the score is 75,when can we expect an invitation if we submit the EOI on Feb 2019?
Is it recommended to obtain police check certificate (FBI) as early as the date of EOI submission?
Thanks in advance.

The next draw is on Feb 11, 2019.

Software engineer invite with 75 points

If you submit your EOI by 10th Feb with 75 points in software engineer category, you will get invite on Feb 11, 2019.

FBI clearance

You can apply for FBI clearance anytime. It’s not required before EOI.

The chances are high that you will get invite on Feb 11, 2019. Once you get invite, you have only 60 days to accept it.

So, its better you collect the documents as early as possible.

Thank you Anil for the timely response.
With 454 prospective CRS points in hand and also waiting for a WES result,should I wait or proceed with Australia draw?What would you choose if you were me?Australia or Canada? Am expecting WES to respond by March 15th.(FYI,I have done my “Australia vs Canada” research).

Assuming that I get a invite from Australia,if i don’t receive the PCC from Indian consulate before 60 days then can I resubmit a fresh EOI?
Also,can I submit my spouse’s school certificate as proof of age if I don’t have the birth certificate?

I have created a separate thread for Australia vs Canada discussion:

Submit Invite without Indian PCC

You can submit invite and upload Indian PCC later. Applications are not worked on immediately by Australia immigration. They take about 2 months to start working on submissions.

Spouse Birth certificate