Australia PR skilled migration and still work in US on H1B visa?

If I get the Australian PR through skilled migration visa, can I still live and work in USA on H1B visa without working in Australia?
Will my Australian PR be cancelled?

First visit Mandatory after Australian PR for validation

The primary requirement of Australian PR status is to validate it by visiting mainland Australia within the initial period as specified in grant letter.

The Initial Period (usually 6 months) is based on expiry of medical and police verification letter issue dates.

This date will vary with each case and you will get to know it once you get your PR approved.

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Work in US on H1B after Australian PR

Once you have validated your PR, you can pretty much work in any country including US and that too on #usa:h1b visa.

Australia PR validity

The PR validity is 5 years with multiple entry and exit option.

Renew Australia PR after 5 years

You need a Resident Return Visa or RRV if you are still living outside Asutralian at the time of PR renewal.

The basis for issuing RRV is that you should have spent two or more years in Australia in last five years.

If you have spent less than two years in Australia then you have to explain why immigration should issue you RRV since you have not made Australia your usual place of residence (which is the implied condition of PR).

If your RRV is not approved and you are outside Australia and your PR visa is also expired then your PR status is gone as well.