Australia PR for PhD scholar at UNSW sponsored by Pakistan Government

Dear Anil,
First of ALL thank you very much for giving us the opportunities to ask you about the queries and doubts we have.

I humbly request you to please read my case and guide me.

My name is Hafiz, Currently, i am PhD scholar at UNSW right now.

I have :
Age: 30
Degree:15 (Pakistan)

Profession : Computer Sys n Networks Engineer

My experience was 4 years and ACS deducted 2 years and i cant claim remaining 2 years now.
Naati is booked for August and i have lodged EOI at 65 for 189 and 190 for NSW.

I also applied for EA Assessment as a Telecom Engineer but they denied and offered to continue for assessment as Engineering Technologist. I hopefully will get for Engineering Technologist in next two weeks as i have improved my CDR’s and Summary statement but my points will remain the same.

Now as you know, both Engineering Technologist and Computer System and Networks Engineer are under pro-rata and due to my PhD commitment as i am on scholarship i have to stay in NSW as i am being funded by Pakistani Government.

Please Answer:

  1. How can increase my points?
  2. Should i apply for regional? If i get invite and apply for PR, what the case officer will do with my existing student visa as i am onshore?
  3. What is the likelihood of getting something positive for me in upcoming changes in November 2019?
  4. 10 points for single will help me? will i get 10 for STEM qualification under new rule as my profession is IT and listen in STEM but (my degree was not from Australia but Pakistan)
  5. With 70, should i expect 190 invitation for NSW for Comp Sys n Networks Eng?
  6. What can i do with my Engineering Technologist case? Should i apply for Victoria? will i get invite with 70?

Please respond me in detail, i need your response toclear all these doubt that makes me so confuse.

Your response will be highly appreciated, Thank you vey much in Advance


All options to increase your points for Australia PR are given here.

I think you can use your student visa as long as it is valid.

The chances of invite with 65 points are low at this time.

I have not worked on the new rule and points system yet. I can suggest about it later.

States do not share any invite data. Hence, i cannot estimate it.

@Anil_Gupta Hello, I got positive response from ACS and i was wondering what is the last date to apply for 489 visa under current rules before new rules implemented. Thanks

Hi @neter_singh

489 will stopped on Nov 15, 2019.