Australia PR documents scanned quality and is notarization required?

HI Anil,
Thanks for this website. I came across this website when i was preparing for my PTE. The tips mentioned here i was able to attain a perfect score in PTE.

I have filed an EOI and now waiting for the invite to OZ. I was putting together my documents for the application. Following are my queries.

  1. What should be the minimum scan quality of the documents? 20dpi? 40dpi? 72dpi? 150dpi? 300dpi?
    Currently i have scanned it to 300dpi. But 95% of them dont fall within the range of 5mb.

  2. Are Tax documents mandatory? or Reference letter on Company Letterhead + signed & stamped payslips would do?

  3. Documents need to be notarized or not?

Some of the questions i see are repetitive. but i am being “specific” with my case as mentioned above .


Scan documents - less than 5 MB into PDF file

If the scanned documents are not less than 5 MB, then you need to scan again with lower DP.

On the other hand, you can use this app called camscanner and you will have no need to worry about the size. It automatically scans clear documents with much lower file size when you finally convert them to .PDF file.

Tax documents and Payslips do not need notary

Tax documents and payslips are optional but recommended. They do not need notary.

Reference letter on company letter head is mandatory for work experience proof and it should be notarized.

Documents should be notarized

All document copies that are mandatory should be notarized.

Hi @Anil_Gupta

Question is related to the documents we need to submit while lodging Visa application.

  1. Can I submit the same set of documents* (work experience related as I submitted to ACS)
    ACS documents were prepared in month of June-July
    I will be submitting visa documents now (Nov)
  2. if need to submit the docs which will cover this gap between ACS and now – do we need to get them notarized again (Its such a pain to get them done here in Dallas :frowning: )

*Docs like HR letter for employment proof, R&R letter, Affidavit from manager – all will have dates from June-July

Submit same notarized documents as you used for ACS

Yes, you can use the same notarized and scanned documents which you used for ACS.

Employment proof to cover gap between ACS letter and today

Yes, you need the letter from your employer or manager again as the old one was dated.

NOTE: you need this letter to cover gap only if you are claiming points for this gap period.
If not, you can skip this gap period employment letter.

Submit pay stubs too, to show continuity of employment.

As our employers didn’t agree to give letter in required format, we had to go with another route.
HR letters and manager’s affidavit and all that stuff.

Also was not able to get the paystubs notarized from anywhere so didn’t submit that time(it would have been easier though). Now may be we have to go through with the same process. Are you aware of any notary in ur area who can notary paystubs too.

Here they say if I write statement that all this is true then they can notary my statement, but not the main document even in case of HR letter they want that signed authority (HR) shd be present if they have to notary it.

But not like India notary where the doc used to be attested by gazetted officer.

You don’t need notary for Pay-stubs and W2’s.

For all other documents notary, go to any private (Not Fedex or UPS or USPS) mail shop and they will do it easily.
There are hundreds of them around you.
Pro tip- Try to find some desi owner’s mail shop - it will be much easier to get notary there than any other. Desi’s understand your requirement easily and money speaks there!!

Just search and get it done.

If you are not able to find any around you, just go to this Mail shop in Plano (Tried and tested - very nice lady) - desi owner:

Parcel Post & PC Pros, 7801 Alma Dr Suite 105, Plano, TX 75025

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