Australia PR application- EA assessments

Hello Anil,

I am a mechanical engineer and I am in the process of submitting my application to Engineers Australia for the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) assessment. On their website there are multiple options for assessments, but I would like to get the Standard Competency Demonstration Report. Is there a need to get the Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment done too? Does it hurt my chances of getting a 189 or 190 invite under the Mechanical Engineer ANZSCO category, if I didnt get the Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment? Please advise.

Thank you.

Skill assessment is required for filing EOI for 189/190 visa.

Thanks Anil, but do I need to apply for only the Standard Competency Demonstration Report Assessment or have Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment done too? Their website shows additional cost for combined package of both assessments. I am not sure if I need to get only one or both.

Thank you.

You should check with the assessment agency about which report includes both education and work experience assessment.

I am not sure about it.