Australia PR 189/190 visa - PeopleSoft database administrator

Hi Anil,

Good that I found this website before giving money to consultancy. In short, I am 36 years old and have 12+ years exp as a PeopleSoft database administrator. My wife is 33 years and have 7 years exp as a developer. She worked until December 2014. She just wrote IELTS exam and got 6.5 in one module but her overall 8. She is going to give PTE in this month. Also we are not sure how the experience would be calculated by ACS since we both are from non IT background. Consultancy is asking us to make one time payment and they assure it would work. My first cousin lives in Adelaide and he has citizenship. Please advise.

What advise do you need?

Please ask specific questions.

Can we pay the consultancy before appearing for language test?
My skill is on STSOL and my wife’s on MTSOL. If my wife is a primary candidate, can she claims my points? TIA

Hi @Mohammed_Nabisha

It is your choice if you want to pay the consultancy before or after the assessment. I cannot comment on that.

To claim the spouse points, both your and spouse job codes should be on same list.