Australia EOI Start and End Date according to ACS assessment letter?

Hi Anil,

I require clarification on the employment details that I need to enter in EOI in skill select. I’m employed with ABC (name intentionally changed) from 3-Nov-2003 to till date (still employed with ABC as of 10/22/2018). When I submitted my application for ACS assessment on 8-Sep-2018, I had to provide end date for employment as 8-Sep-2018 as it wouldn’t allow me to submit the application though I’m still employed with ABC.

I received positive assessment from ACS today i.e. 10/22/2018 and listed below are the details.

/* ACS Assessment Details */
The following employment after November 2007 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 261313 (Software Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code.

Dates: 11/03 (MM/YY) - 12/15 (MM/YY) - 12 year(s) 2 month(s)
Employer: ABC
Country: India

Dates: 12/15 (MM/YY) - 08/18 (MM/YY) - 2 year(s) 8 month(s)
Employer: ABC
Country: United States of America (USA)

ACS provided end date for my US experience as 08/18 (MM/YY) because 08/14/2018 is the date when my employer ABC provided the experience letter.

I need to submit my EOI and I’m confused on the start date and end date that I need to mention. Can you please clarify on the following:

  1. For my India experience should I mention start date as November 2007 or December 2007 or November 2003?
  2. For my US experience, should I mention end date as 08/14/2018 or leave it blank since I’m still employed with ABC.

Use ACS start date as your work experience start date in EOI

From your India experience, you should give the start date as mentioned in your ACS letter i.e. Nov 2007. This is because EOI only needs your relevant experience for point calculation.

Keep end date for current employment BLANK

For your US experience, keep the end date as BLANK.