Australia Educational Qualification - can study 2 things and in total are 2 years

(Pablo Oscar) #1

Australian Educational Qualification**
Degree, diploma, advanced diploma or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution which took at least 2 years of full-time study and was taught in English.

My question is if I can study 2 things and in total are 2 years. Example, diploma (1 year) more advance diploma (another year): Total: 2 year or need to be only one degree of 2 years?

Thank very much

(Anil Gupta) #2

It should be the same diploma or degree that takes 2 years of full time study.

Rest depends on the assessment agency on how they evaluate your education.

(Pablo Oscar) #3

mmm. I found this.

  • a single eligible qualification that requires at least 2 academic years study, or
  • more than 1 qualification that results in a total of at least 2 academic years study resulting in an eligible qualification
(Anil Gupta) #4

But, didn’t you say earlier that you will study 2 different things in 2 years?

(Pablo Oscar) #5

Yes, one certificate (Certificate IV in WHS is 52 weeks) and after one diploma (WHS is 52 weeks) but both are in the same field (Occupational health and safety).