AUS PR 189 visa pending since 1 May 2019

Hi Anil,

I am based out of India and i had filed for my 189 PR visa on 1 May 2019. I am yet to get a grant. Its almost 22 months, since i filed and i am wondering if there are others like me or its just my case and something is missing from my side.
All the docs were submitted and medicals were also completed (along with submission). CO had contacted on 15 Feb 2020 asking for updated passport of my elder son as it was getting expired in 6 months. Few other docs were also requested which were already submitted earlier (not sure why again) and I submitted then also. Status since then is " Further assessment" and the only thing that changes is the “Estimated Processing Time”. My case has crossed these timelines also.
Would help if you can let me know if i should contact the Immigration office and if so please share the Immigration contact details - phone /email.


Hi @Chotu
Try calling department of home affairs. you can google there contact number and call them in Australian working hours. I spoke to them 2 years back when I applied for PR usually you will be able to reach them on second or third time and let them know about your queries, they can guide in pretty much everything which is genuine.


Thanks a lot @Vik for the reply!
As suggested i called up the Dept of home affairs (number here - Contact us)… as per the officer the wait time for 10% of applicants can be high and asked me if in my case the wait time has been more than double of the mentioned timeline for 90% cases (i.e 34 months :frowning: ).
So I guess I am in the unfortunate 10% group … Come May it will be 2yrs since I filed the application. We delayed filing our EOI and visa application (waited almost 2 months) as we were expecting our second child in June 2019 and wanted to include him also before the application gets processed. May be it wasn’t a wise decision.

I saw your past posts and i understand that you got your PR in 2019. Have you already moved to Australia?

Hey Hi @Chotu

No the plan was to move in 2020
but not yet (mainly coz of pandemic)