Attestation of Power of attorney - Divorce petition in India - H1B Extension Pending

Attestation of Power of Attorney for Divorce Application in India

Does the process described in your article apply for Power of Attorney used in filing Mutual Divorce petition?

If not, what would differ?

I cant travel currently as my Visa extension is in progress and would like to file the petition using a POA nominating my Father as the agent.

Will i797C receipt of extension work as Valid US legal Status for PoA?

Also, My Visa extension(H1B) is currently in progress and I have a valid receipt of Extension (I797C) from USCIS. Would that suffice as proof of legal status, if i need to go to Embassy for attestation?

Yes, the PoA content will work. Just change the language based on what you want your father to take care of, on your behalf.

Yes, you can show the receipt of the extension from USCIS as proof of US legal status in the Indian Embassy.