Attestation of NORI documents

Dear Anil, I have a question regarding the attestation of NORI documents (from the Houston consulate). I hope that you would be able to offer some advice. My current Indian passport was issued in 2018 from Houston, when my status was single. In 2019, my status changed to married. Is it important to get my spouse’s name endorsed, and get a new passport (my current passport still has 8 years of validity) before starting with the NORI attestation process ? Or can I initiate the process with my current passport, without having to renew it at this point ? Will this cause any trouble later on (particularly worried about the folks back in India, who make a huge deal out of this !)…My wife, who recently renewed her passport, has added my name in hers.

Your question is not clear to me.

I don’t know what is NORI document.