Approved 140 H1B Denials

Are we seeing H1B denials on approved 140.
Also lately any H1B 3 Year extensions on approve 140 without SoW and end client letter.
Are we seeing any success on the above pointers


Yes, we are seeing H1b extensions denial even after approved i140.

You should submit complete paperwork to avoid any RFEs. USCIS is very strict these days.

Thanks for the Immediate response
What happens to the approved 140 if H1b is denied

i140 approval is not affected by H1B denial. You can use the approved i140 again to file H1B transfer with some other employer.

Ok that helps
Situation is like not having Sow(as the Sow extension is in progress) and end client letter .
The current Sow is till april 2019 and going for extn using that , not sure how this will boil down

Why don’t you wait for SOW and then file H1B extension? That would have better chance of avoiding an RFE.

Do not have that luxury as I94/Visa expiring in March ,

ohh…I understand. Then, just file and hope for the best.

thanks for the quick response

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will premium get enabled on Feb 19 , any news on that

No official news from USCIS yet. I will share it as soon as i hear about it.

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