Applying for H4 EAD, i94 number is different on CBP website online than i797 attached i94

I am applying for first time H4 EAD.

My i94 number in recent i797 approval notice is different from online i94 records (from the CBP website, which is the latest one).

So please confirm which i94 no to be written for question no 14.


It has to be the most recent i94 number. If you traveled outside US after your last H4 renewal, you will find your most recent i94 number online.
If you did not travel outside USA after most recent H4 renewal, then the i94 number is what is attached to H4 renewal.

Thanks @Anil_Gupta
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Hi @Anil_Gupta ,

I am applying H4 EAD for my wife . I have H4 and H1 extensions approved and got i797 with i-94 attached . So i am including I797 with i-94 attached in the package .

  1. Still do i need to send i-94 from CBP ?

FYI … I94 number in i797 and CBP both are same

We ask to get the i94 number from CBP website, only, if you traveled outside USA after your H1 and H4 extension was approved. This is because, whenever you go out of US and come back, you get a new i94.

Since, you have not traveled outside, your i94 attached to i-797 will be same as available on CBP website.

So, there is no need to send two copies. Just one is fine (the one attached to i-797).

Remember: Only send the copies, do not send the original.