Apply PCC with Marital status when passport does not have spouse name

I renewed my passport a year ago that time i was single.2019
Now I am married. 2020
I need PCC.
If I select I am married in pcc I need to write my wife’s name while filling PCC online.
But wife’s name is not in passport.
They will ask to update my passport first then apply for PCC ? ?
Or I shall apply as married and write my wife’s name and go ahead with this.
Or I should choose single.

Please help

Many thanks in advance.

Spouse name in passport is optional. They cannot force you to add it.

You should apply PCC and give correct answers as per your current marital status.

Thank you so much,
I shall update my current marital status in pcc as married.

I have another question.
there is wife/ husband name,…
I shall update as i am married, and put my wife name?
Coz i dont have wifes name in passport.

in 8a I think here my indian home address.

In 8B i again should put russian address.

IN 9 i shall put my russian address coz i live in russia?

IN 10 (i) (ii) Two responsible persons address in my locality.
can i put my relatives address there because i cant get exact neighbours address and details.
relative address its my sisters who live in delhi.

thanks you so much

please reply
appreciate your help