Apply H4 extn with H1 transfer, but renew H4 EAD later?

I am planning to move from employer A to employer B. Employer B will be initiating the H1 transfer soon. My question is should I apply for my wife’s H4 and H4 EAD extension along with this transfer. Current h4 and EAD is valid till April 2021.

  1. Can I apply for H4 extension (to get the same validity end dates) along with the H1 transfer and then apply for H4 EAD later when it is about to expire?
  2. If we apply for H4 EAD , can I use the previous employers I 140 ?


You can apply H4 extention with H1B Transfer and apply H4 EAD later.

You can use previous employer’s i140.

Thanks so much for the quick response. One more small question. Do you see any merit in applying h4 ead as well along with the transfer? Greatly appreciate your help.

I don’t see any value as you already have H4 EAD valid till 2021.

My suggestion is to wait and then apply for renewal as and when required.