Apply H4 EAD when spouse's H1B has been extended but my H4 is pending

Hi Team,

My husband’s H1B was extended (I-797A received) recently while my H4 extension is pending (no RFE). I want to file my H4 EAD application now. I want to ensure that my EAD extension does not get linked to my previous H4 which expires in August 2020. I want my EAD to be approved for the period of new H4 (Aug 2020 - Aug 2023).
I have a few questions

  1. I’ll mention the new extended I-797A’s number in H4-EAD’s application (Q29 in I-765 form) to link it with my husband’s extended H1B, but how can I link the H4 EAD app with the pending H4 app as well?
  2. What I-94 number should I write in H4 EAD extension app (Q21 in form I-765) — current I-94 OR leave it blank since H4 extension is pending?


Please follow this guide:

Thanks Anil.

I am a little confused regarding Q 21 as there are two different opinions. Please guide me here

  1. the guide that you shared mentions - "You should write your most recent H4’s i94 number. "

  2. Another truvisa thread “Apply H4-EAD based on pending H1B/H4 extension receipt number?” mentions - “Leave the Q 21A BLANK since you do not have an updated I-94 number, due to your pending H4 extension.”

You can write the most recent H4’s i94.

I will update the truvisa page.