Apply H1B visa extension with 4 months validity on my passport, CKGS closed

Hi Anil and Team,

Thank you for your kind and continued help!

I have valid visa till June 30th 2020 and I’m in the process of filing visa extension with my approved I-140. Due to some personal situations, and Covid-19 offices were closed to renew my passport.

Can I apply visa extension with 4 months validity on my passport now? And then once the lockdown is lifted I will get my passport renewed and can I send the renewed passport copy to USCIS as an added document? Will that impact anything? Please suggest what is the best way to file the extension.

I’m in uncertain state with so much of pressure everyday, would you please answer my questions.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Sashi

You can apply H1B extension with current valid passport but chances are high that you will get an RFE to submit a new renewed passport.

If you do not have any other option since passport renewal is not possible, i suggest to file H1B extension.

You can then submit the new passport later if USCIS sends an RFE.

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Anil, the 6 months validity is an expectation but I have heard people getting extensions even though the passport is expiring soon. Of course it is recommended to be safe but not a requirement from what I have heard some of them say.

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Applicants requiring passports on emergency basis may kindly send an email to
Washington DC -
New York -
Chicago -
Atlanta -
Houston -
explaining their emergency situation. Once the request has been approved, the applicant will be informed to complete the application process and send the papers by postal mail to CKGS for further processing.


Thanks so much @Anil for your suggestion. God bless you for helping people like me and sharing the valuable information.

I wrote to ckgs as Iam will be in a similar situation in a month but they only give me a standard reply … you can apply when the offices are open

Hi @Anil_Gupta, I got my passport renewed, but the H1B extension was filed with old passport with i-94 expiration date 30th June 2020. Once the extension is approved, do I have to go out of the country to get stamping with my new passport for I-94 records? Can you please share your thoughts?

It depends on the new approved i94’s expiry date.