Apply for PR based on experience in Indian Army


I am serving with Army wef Dec 2004, i have prepared my resume based on experience and qualification gained in Army in past 15 years,

I have spoken with visa agents however have not been able to get guidance for homing on to skill to be selected for application for PR to Australia,

I am looking for guidance to apply for PR based on experience in Army,

I joined Army in rank of Lieutenant and have completed 15 years of service (Lt Col now), I have done B Tech in IT and Telecom in 2005 in Army (JNU) and M Sc in Military technology (SPPU),

I have experience in man management, leadership, HR, Fin Management, Logistics , Supply Chain Management etc.


My wife has worked with TCS from Dec 09 to Jan 12 as a software developer and with Neturja from Mar 12 to Mar 14 as a software developer,

Post that she has worked as a Free lancer while taking up projects for website development,

We have calculated the points she could add up to, probably 70 points with 34 years of age and english score,

She is MCA in Computer Science

Her experience may add upto 4 years max, how ever certain docu we feel we might fall short of like payslips, her experience has been about 10 years back which may not be considered as well,

With this as the reason i am exploring options for applying visa for myself as primary applicant.

Hi @lalit_kansal

I cannot help you with selecting the job code. It should be done by you.

With the kind of profile you have, it seems it would be better if you apply by keeping your wife as primary applicant. There are job codes available for software engineer.