Apply B2 Visa for my in-laws with short H1B validity


I am planning to apply for B2 Visa for my in-laws. My current i797 is valid only till Nov 30th 2018 and we are going to initiate petition for H1B extension. Are there any chances of getting the B2 Visa approved ? (Because the current i797 is valid only till November).

If there are more chances of rejection , can someone from my relative here sponsor for B2 Visa for my in-laws?


B1/B2 visa sponsorship H1B expiring soon

There is no issue in giving sponsorship for B2 visa even when your own H1B has short validity.

B2 visa decision is not made based on your H1B status. Your sponsorship will remain valid irrespective of your H1B pending extension or short expiry.

Don’t worry about rejection solely on the basis of your visa length.

For your other question, any one can sponsor your in-laws apart from you too.

Step by step process and sponsorship documents for B1/B2 visa:

Hello Anil,
Thanks for your response.

As i mentioned in my post, my i797 is expiring this November 2018. So to be on the safer side i have opted for “SELF” sponsor in DS 160 form for the application to be stronger.

Can you please help me the Document checklist to be provided if it a SELF sponsor case ?

Appreciate all your responses.


The list of documents is mentioned in the link I shared earlier.
The documents needed for the applicant is what a self sponsorship will require too.

If the application is self-sponsored, its doesn’t make any sense producing My bank statement, or mentioning that i am responsible for all expenses in the Consulate letter/Invitation letter and i believe i134 is not required too. Right ?

Ya, your documents are not required if the applicant is sponsoring himself.

Hello Anil- I have received the H1 extension approval notice(i797C) last week. Now i am planning to change Sponsorship from Self-Sponsor to Other. Can i sponsor my self now re-submitting the DS160 using i797C(Notice of action) document? Or do i need to wait for i797A to arrive?


The real proof of approval is i797A notice of approval. It is your choice if you want to change the sponsor now.

My suggestion is to not change DS-160 at this time if the interview has already been scheduled for B2 applicant.