Apply B1/B2 tourist Visa for parents while H1B extension in RFE

Hi Anil,

If I sponsor Visitor Visa for my Parents living in India , Do I need to have my I-797 Approval before my parents Visa Interview ? my H1b Case currently in RFE and waiting for my employer to respond.


Hi @Bob

You can apply your parent’s visitor Visa even though your H1B is pending approval with RFE.

I don’t see any issue.

Can I still send the Invitation letter and can I be the sponsor for my parents Visitor Visa ?

Why do you think you cannot be the sponsor?

I did answer clearly that you can. Why are you confused now?

I am confused because your “parent’s visitor visa” link shows that the documents list contains I-797 Copy which I don’t have at the moment.
Also Is there any possibility of the question that, what if my Visa gets denied upon RFE response ? to my parents in the Visa Interview ?

Thanks for your patience in answering.

i797 copy can be the pending extension receipt notice too.

I don’t think visa officer would ask any questions related to “what if”. You are thinking too far and too much.

Thanks Anil for Clarification

Hi Anil,

I have a question about filling DS-160 for my Parents visitor Visa , Even though my parents are coming for Visiting purpose can I still select Visa Category in DS-160 form as B1/B2 or do I need strictly select B2 ?
Thanks for your help.


Hi @Bob

It is better to select the correct purpose to avoid any chances of rejection. B1 is for business purpose and B2 is for tourism.
The visa officer will question based on what you select.

The final visa stamp will have both B1/B2 though.

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Hi Anil,
As I mentioned in the past as my extension is pending , I am sending my H1 Extension Receipt copy as my supporting document for Visa. Do I need send previous I-797 approval copies for Visa Interview ?

please confirm.


Hi @Bob

There is no harm in sending copies of all your previous H1B visa (from passport) and H1B i797. I recommend sending them.

Thanks Anil For your help. My Parents Visa interview is done and Visa is approved.

They just asked basic details and checked only my passport copy.

I appreciate your help on my questions and concerns.


Congratulations. I am glad i could help. Enjoy.

Hi Anil, Dipu here.

I have a similar situation. My company is processing my visa extension. My extension petition is not filed yet. Can I sponsor and invite my parents with a confirmation from company that the visa extension is in progress ?
My current visa will expire in next two months . I I guess by the time my parents go for the interview it will be very close my current i-94 expire date. is that a concern ?