ANZSCO code for non computer degree holder with relevant IT work experience

Hello All,

I wanted to know what ANZSCO best fits for myself if it is UNIT GROUP 2611 ICT BUSINESS AND SYSTEMS ANALYSTS or UNIT GROUP 2247 MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATION ANALYSTS since I hold a Business Management degree but my work experience(about 6, 7 years) mostly falls under IT support (test analyst, IT service desk analyst, problem manager) ?

Regards and thank you

Hi @Fabian_Sua

I do not think any of those ANZSCO code fits your profile.

Hi Anil Thanks for your response I found this ANZSCO code 313112 ICT Customer Support Officer over the 541111 Call Centre Worker code because this category does not fall within any eligible skilled occupation list, hopefullly I feel luky with this one. I have made en exhaustive search and a business management profile with IT experience is tricky to fit within the ANZSCO list.

Talking in other matter I see my spouse does not qualify because her skills ( 233511: Industrial Engineer) are not in the same eligible skilled occupation, her skills falls under MLTSSL and “mine” is STSOL then I should wait to apply after the coming changes announced about the new Point system starting November 16, 2019?

Thank you!