Any Issue with applying tourist visa while EOI for PR is already submitted?

Thank you very much Anil for the response , much appreciated.

One last question , I am planning to appear for NAATI CCL in July 2020 IA , and for that I would have to apply for a tourist visa of Australia.

Will there be any issue if I apply for tourist visa while my EOI for immigration purpose is already submitted in the database or vice versa?

Hi @tauqeer

I don’t think there would be any issue in applying tourist visa if you have a valid reason for travel. In your case, it is NAATI test.

Hello Anil,
Thank you very much for the response, much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Anil, hope you are doing great .
Any idea as specifically which visitor visa type should I apply for if I am going to take NAATI CCL test.
Either visitor business , or visitor tourist visa ?

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Visitor Tourist visa should be good.

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Thanks a lot for the response. Much appreciated !! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Anil,
Hope you are doing great . I had applied twice for tourist visa to undertake NAATI CCL exam (scheduled in May 2020) , but unfortunately both times my visa request had been turned down despite of the fact I had good previous travel history in addition to submitting all the required documentation.
So , it means no NAATI for me in foreseeable future :frowning:

I am still on 85 points (Electronics Engineering- EOI effect date May 2019).

My question is that , will there be any problem keeping in view the rejection of tourist visa / or will it (tourist visa rejection) affect my PR application in any way.

Although I believe I have very slim chances of getting an invite with 85 points.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Do you know the reason of visitor visa denial?

Hello Anil,
As per the visa officer response, it said he/she was not convinced regarding the genuineness of stay given the economic conditions of my home country, greater and better economic opportunities in Australia, and that I might not return back as I had no dependents.

Although I had stated it clearly the second time in my visa application that I was intending to travel to Australia to take NAATI CCL inorder to claim 5 points. But still this reason didn’t seem convincing enough for them. strange.

Could it have something to do with current global travel restrictions because of coronavirus?

in both cases they said they need to be fully satisfied and convinced of the factors that would make me return back to my home country.

I can’t say for sure if this is motivated by Coronavirus since it has been denied twice.

They would have also checked your intent to migrate to Australia from your EOI and hence, have got strong signals that your intent does not seem to be only for NAATI test.

Unfortunately, visa officer’s decision is final.

Thanks again for your response Anil,
Yes, this decision is final unfortunately. But i am just concerned if this decision will have any impact on my EOI/PR application in future.

I do not think it will have impact on PR application. PR is meant to live and work in Australia if your education and work experience is as per the PR requirements.

Thank you Anil for your response, much appreciated.