Ammendment got denied ..I-94 expired ..H1B extension applied in non premium

My Ammendment got denied and I-94 is expired ,…My employer has filed H1B extension …So Can I work for the same client …I have not received approval for H1B Extension …What are the possible situation.

When was your H1B extension filed? Was it before your i94 expiry or after?

My extensions got filed before I 94 expired .still I am working …yesterday only I came to know … my amendment got denied.

If your extension was filed before i94 expiry and it is still pending, you can work and stay in US for up-to 240 days after i94 expiry.
If the decision is made on your H1B extension before 240 days are expired, that decision will decide your further stay.

So I can work for the same client … for which the amendment was applied and got denied … or I need to find some different client ??
Really appreciate…thanks for answering promptly

You can ONLY work for the JOB and client for which your earlier H1B was approved and for which the H1B extension was filed and is currently pending.

You cannot work for the client/job who’s H1B amendment has been denied.

This is my current situation …My H1B Extension is currently pending with the same client say ‘A’ …and My amendment was pending for the last 8month …which got finally denied after RFE for the same client 'A.

So Amendment denied and H1B extension pending for the same client ‘A’.

This is interesting.

Why was Amendment filed for if you were working for the same client?

I am pretty sure your JOB DETAILS or WORK LOCATION would have changed and hence your employer filed for H1B Amendment.

In that case, you CANNOT work for the JOB/WORK-LOCATION mentioned in your H1B Amendment as it has been denied.

You can only work for the JOB/WORK-LOCATION that was mentioned in your OLD H1B or H1B extension.

Ok .Here is the narrative:

  1. I applied my H1b extension for the client say ‘B’ in feb 2017 … and got Rfe for that extension and finally got H1b approved till March 2018.

  2. I join client , A’ in june2017. In June for client ‘A’ , amendment was filed which got rfe in December 2017 …

  3. My employer was waiting for approval of my amendment … That’s why lately applied for my H1b extension in feb 2018 …

  4. Now got the result of amendment as denied …

so Amendment and H1b extension both has the same address… now can I work for client ‘A’ … till my H1b got approved… or what are the possible situation…

I need to look for different client ??

Hi @shashi

Since your H1B amendment has been denied for client A, the H1B extension with client A will also be denied shortly.
This is because your H1B amendment was the basis (or bridge) between you amendment and extension.

Now that bridge has been broken, the extension cannot be approved.

This is similar to my case . Can u share what was the final status ?