Amendment RFE got denied, but my I-94 & original petition is valid

Hi Anil,

my amendment RFE got denied(location : Seattle client:ABCD) 12th FEB-2020, but my I-94 & original petition(location : Austin texas client -WXYZ) is valid till AUG11th -2020.

now my question is

  1. as my RFE got denied (I am yet to receive mail on decision notice) how long I can stay in US ?

  2. I can reapply the amendment for the same location and same client ? i.e (location : Seattle client:ABCD)

  3. is there any out of status problem ? if i stay more than 2 months ? let me know

Thanks in advance.


You can only stay and work in US if you go back to your old location and Employer as per approved H1B.

If you can’t go back, you should plan to leave US as early as possible to avoid status issues.

Thanks anil for the Quick update, may I know the duration max how long I can stay ?

There is no fixed duration. You should leave as early as possible.