Amendment Denied, H1B Extension about to be applied


Here is my situation -

  1. Last year I was working for Client A on Location A
  2. Applied for amendment petition for Client A for Location B
  3. My I94 is due to expiry in September end this year and my company was about to submit Extension cum amendment petition for Location B as amendment was in progress without approval
  4. Today I came to know that my amendment for Location B has been denied
  5. With amendment denial I believe I have two options:
    a) Company applies Extension cum amendment petition immediately before they received= the amendment denial physically and then I can continue working at location B until extension result is received
    b) I immediately move back to Location A where I had valid approved H1b and then apply only Extension petition from there before I94 expiry

I was thinking that option b) would be a better option as my amendment is already denied so when they apply for extension with amendment as part of option a) chances are full that extension will also get rejected. Can you please provide your recommendation?


I agree with your analysis that it is better to move back and apply only extention.

The chances of amendment + extention denial are very high of there is no change in the client and employment terms.

Thanks Anil for your inputs

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