Am I eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

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My story goes that my biological mom and my father divorced in Taiwan when I was little and she got married again and moved to Canada (she received her Canadian citizenship in 1998). I just got my birth certificate from Taiwan which shows her relationship to me. In this case, I was wondering if I could also apply for Canadian citizenship? If so, how/where shall I start?


Hi @JC_Jan

It depends on your age and current family structure.

You can definitely claim points on the Canada PR for blood relative and that would help you get faster PR.

Unfortunately, as per Canadian rules, you do not qualify for citizenship as your mother was naturalized citizen after your birth.


The only way forward for you is to apply for Permanent Residence as a regular immigrant. Unfortunately, your parent does not add any points to your Express Entry application. But they can add points if you plan to apply for PR through provincial nomination.

After you have received your PR, and have lived in Canada for 1095 days over a period of 5 years, you will be eligible for Citizenship.

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Thank you for the detailed info and explanation. I’d have worked on this BEFORE April 17, 2019, as I wasn’t aware of this issue. Now that the law has changed, like you said, it is too late for me to ask my mom to sponsor me but follow the standard protocols.

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