Am I eligible for US Visa drop box in India, after H1B transfer denial?


I’ve already gone through drop box eligibility and find that am eligible for ‘dropbox’. However, I’m still concerned with “no refusals for a visa in any class after my most recent visa issuance”. Since, my H1B transfer with one company got denied before 6 months, but I got another offer with successful visa transfer and approved for 3 years. I could understand that this is not related to visa refusals, however please confirm that I’m still eligible to drop box if all of my other answers are “yes”, including the visa refusals?

I don’t have any visa refusals in my history(considering H1B transfer denial is irrelevant) and I’ve a valid visa in my passport which expired 3 months back. I’m travelling to India this Jan and hoping to use drop box. Please help me to understand.


Yes, you should be eligible for dropbox.

But, being eligible for dropbox does not mean that you won’t be called for interview.

In the recent past, we have seen that many people have been called for interview even when they were eligible for dropbox and had dropped their documents.

So, plan your trip accordingly.

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@Anil_Gupta - Wanted to update about my Interview experience.

As you rightly alerted me, I was called for an interview with consular, though I submitted my passport through drop box.

In short, I was eligible for ‘drop box’ and submitted my passport with required papers on scheduled date(18-Jan-2019). The very next working day(22-Jan-2019), my passport was returned back with a blue slip(221g) and ‘ticked’ with the info to attend Visa interview. It was also mentioned not to book any appointments and wanted me to come directly to the consulate at 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. on any Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

So, I had to reschedule my flights and appeared for Visa interview on 28-Jan-2019 at Chennai consulate. Though I was panic, but the interview was very smooth. Consular asked following questions,

  1. My per annum salary.
  2. Job description and responsibilities.
  3. End client.
  4. Relation between my employer and client. Was clarifying if there are any mid-vendors involved with my employer and client.
  5. Work location


  1. W2 documens(lastest or last year) - But I didn’t carry any
  2. Employment letter
  3. Last 6 months pay stubs
  4. Current I-797 original

Interview took only for few mins(roughly 2 mins). Then, consular said my Visa was approved and I left the consulate. I got my passport back on the next day(29-Jan-2018).

As you said, I would recommend anyone who appear for the visa interview or drop-box should have ample time between their return flights which avoids lots of confusion. Or better not to book the return journey until we get the passport back.

BTW, my company HR said that I had different company in my expired Visa and my current papers has different company may be the reason for the blue slip. But, I’m not sure.

Thanks @Anil_Gupta for proper guidance.

Congratulations on getting the visa. I am glad i could help.

You are welcome. Thanks a lot for sharing the details of your case. I appreciate it.

Are you back in US now?

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Yes I returned back to US on last Sunday. I had no issues in the immigration.

I thought my experience may helps someone, so I shared!
Again, thanks a lot for your guidance.

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