After ACS how much time take for invite

Hi Amit,
I have one question and one doubt,
I am planing to apply Australia [189] ,Right now my age is 39 Years 2 Months.[In Nov I will be 40]
I haven’t did any thing till date.
My ACS is pending and I have to appear in PTE.
Can you tell me is it possible I can get invite before Nov 2019.
As my consultant and as per my profile [S/W Devp.] and PET [65] I’ll get 70 Point.And I’ll get Invite before Nov.
Can you please suggest me Should I go for it,or Not.

Time to get Invite after ACS assessment for Software Engineer

The time to get invite is based on your total SkillSelect points and not the ACS evaluation timing.
If you have 75 points, you will get invite immediately in next draw.
If you have 70 points, there is a long waiting queue and wait is 9+ months.

Software Engineer Invite before Nov 2019

You have a slight chance of getting invite before Nov 2019 if you file your Expression of Interest before Mar 2019.

If you file after March, I do not think you will get an invite with 70 points and then you will lose 5 Age points in November.

The best time to file would in Feb for any realistic chance of invite.

We have listed the dates and points for which people are receiving invites at this time here:

If you file after March, I do not think you will get an invite with 70 points and then you will lose 5 Age points in November.

How 5 points?
I thought,I will lose 10 points

Sorry, you are right. You will lose 10 points with age.

So what you think…Can I go for it.
As ACS take 2 month to release report.
And then only I am able to apply for EOI?
For my casr I am not able to apply in Feb. or March As I don’t have ACS report…?
:frowning: So Please suggest me.
My consultant told me, we will apply for both 189 /190 and if some thing happen and gets delay
We will go for 489…?Is it …?
Or He is telling lies

Well, consultant needs your money and will speak whatever you want to hear.

I can tell more if you can share your ANZSCO job code.

261313 Software Tester &engineer [I think he told me same]
As he told me as per my profile

If you take an example of last year, some people got invitation in Oct 2018 draw and had filed the EOI before Feb 13, 2018.

In Nov 2018 draw, this date has gone up to April 6, 2018 for 70 points.

If we go by same trend in year 2019, you have a slight chance if you file before March end.
If you file in April or later, the chances are almost NIL with 70 points.

That’s my analysis and it’s all based on last year’s data.
It is possible that situation is different this year based on how many people apply.

As per my knowledge, the applications are increasing every year.

thanks…lets hope for best

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Hi Anil,
Can you please send me the detail or link.
Regarding PR for teachers 'like pre school teacher"
from where I can assess qualification and experience .
Requirement for IELTS Academic or General minimum band?
and many more…

The link that i gave earlier for Job code list shows the assessment agency.

If you’re claiming spouse points than English requirements are higher and are mentioned on the spouse point calculator link.

If you are not claiming spouse points then you only need to have functional English requirement.