Addition of spouse name to passport

Dear Anil,
Sorry to bother you again. The new VFS website for passport renewal seems far less helpful than the previous CKGS one. If I were to endorse my spouse’s name on my passport, which option should I choose ? My current passport expires in 2028. The closest options in VFS website are:

(1) Fresh passport
(2) Passport going to expire/Already expired -10 years validity
(3) Passport going to expire/Already expired - 5 years validity
(4) Passport gong to expire/Already expired - up to 18 years of age.

The rest deal with renewal of passport in case of damage or loss, or exhaustion of pages.

If I choose Fresh passport and change of address as the options then the VFS website does not allow me proceed further. The only option that seems to work is the second one…however neither is my passport expired or is it going to expire anytime soon, so I wonder if this is indeed the correct option ? In the CKGS website, they had an option as None of the above, for misc. services, which I do not see here.