ACS work experience when worked for 2 company full time at same time?


1.From which date experience will be counted? is it after course completion date?
“In Qualification section” which date one need to mention under “Date completed”?

2.worked in “Two different companies”
will they consider experience in two companies during the same period?

ACS work experience start date if Education Degree is issued late

Your original degree completion date date mentioned on the degree is what is taken into consideration by ACS.

Your course delayed? Does that mean that examinations were delayed too or just the degree was issued late?

If your examinations happens within course timeline i.e. 2004-2008, then you are okay.
But, if your examinations were also delayed, then ACS will consider the date when the last examination was conducted.

ACS will consider your work experience while you were still studying as internship period. They will NOT count it as real work experience.

ACS ‘Date Completed’ for educational degree

You should mention the date printed on your education degree as ‘Completion date’ if the examinations were also delayed.
If examinations were conducted on time but only the degree was issued late, you can use the date of last examination.

Working in 2 different companies simultaneously full time

ACS only gives you benefit for 40 hours per week of work.
It does not matter how much more hours you work at the same time.

So, you will only get benefit for 1 job when you worked for 2 jobs at the same time.

Work experience start and end dates on Notary affidavit

You should mention the exact start and end dates on notary affidavit.
If you only mention the month/year with no date, ACS will assume that you started work on the LAST day of that month.

Let me know if you need more information.

Does ACS deduct 4 yrs from Electronics background, applying for Software engineer?

Am I eligible if I don’t have English IELTS/PTE score?

What dates to write on Affidavit for double jobs at same time case?

Passport and salary slip need to be notarized?

ACS deducts 4 yrs if education does not MATCH ANZSCO job profile

If your degree is assessed as having an ICT major (Electronics) which is NOT closely related to your nominated occupation (Software Engineer), you will require 4 years relevant work experience completed anytime in your past work history to meet the suitability criteria.

This means that your 4 years will deducted from total experience.

English language score is mandatory to be eligible

You cannot apply for Australian PR without English language test score. You have to have minimum level of score (called competent English) to even apply.

Check this to score maximum marks for PTE English:

Job start and End dates to write for double jobs

Write the correct and real start and end dates on the affidavit.
You will have to make separate Affidavits for each job anyway.

Please note that ACS can send the affidavits for verification.

All documents need to be notarized for ACS Assessment

All documents including Passport and Salary slips need to be notarized. There are specific rules on what all should be mentioned along with Notary stamp and signature.
Check the complete details here: