ACS vs EOI work experience

Hi all, I am a little confused by the ACS response and not sure how to fill the EOI. This was the response from ACS: The following employment after June 2011 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled
level and relevant to 261313 (Software Engineer) of the ANZSCO Code.


  1. I worked for an company between June 2010 to August 2011. Should I put this job as relevant occupation in the the EOI under the employment section ?
  2. I did two other jobs between 2006 -2007 as well as 2008 to 2010, both as software engineer. Can I list these two jobs as well as relevant to occupation or i cannot since its before June 2011? For for the job i did in 2006-2007, can I even list it since its more than 10 years and EOI wants only the jobs done in the last 10 years ?

Work experience in EOI vs ACS letter

You should ONLY write the work experience in EOI that has been assessed as relevant by ACS.

So, in your case, you should start the start date of first job in EOI as 1 July 2011.
You should write 1July 2011 even if the job you were doing on 1 July 2011 had started before July 2011.

You CANNOT claim the work experience as relevant if ACS has given the start date ‘after June 2011’.

Once you get the invite, you will be required to mention all your work after your education but at the time of filing EOI, only relevant work experience should be used.

Keep current job end date BLANK

You can keep current employment’s end date blank in EOI. This is allowed to help you get points for work experience that you gain after ACS report.

Please note that ACS report would have mentioned the end date for current employment too in their letter. You can still leave the end date blank in EOI only for current employment.