ACS Verification process - Will they call that person,or they will call company HR?

Hi Anil,

If I get Roles and responsibilities from some senior colleague other than my manager, how will ACS verify it. Will they call that person,or they will call company HR.
Actually I was working as a software tester in my company but I am applying for software Engineer role. So I am getting related roles and responsibilities from my senior colleague.
Do you see any challange in that?


ACS can call or use other methods of verification as they feel legitimate.

ACS can also call your company HR or send the colleague letter for verification too.

What would they verify?
His association with that company or if my skill set is matching with their HR database?

May sound like a stupid question but I want to be very much sure before I send the documents to ACS.

ACS would verify your claims about your work that you have mentioned in the letter.

What else do you expect from ACS?