ACS statutory declaration on letter head with watermark company logo

Hi Anil

I submitted my experience letter with watermark company logo however it does not have company logo as letter head.

To submit statutory declarations , do I need to have all experience information again n have it notarized or I can use company experience n at the bottom have the statutory declaration.

Or can I resubmit experience letter with company letter head on it ?

I am not sure I understand your question correctly.

Is it an official company letter head or you just made it up yourself?

I submitted with watermark logo which company gave at first .
Now I got email from acs saying submit statutory letter .

Am asking my company is there was they can provide with letter head ? If they provide then can I submit or since acs asked for statutory letter I need to submit only that

There is no need for statutory declaration if the letter that you submitted was originally given to you by your employer.

It looks like ACS is not able to recognize your letter as being officially issued by your employer.

The letter should be on the company letter head with clear HR contact information. Does your letter have your employer’s contact information?

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This is not a letter head and is not counted as official letter.

This is an email response that you have printed on plain paper or watermarked paper.

That’s why ACS has doubt and is asking for a statutory letter.

See the sample letter that ACS requires from the employer (should be printed on company letter hear clearly):

Well wait, this does look like a letter from Cognizant. But, they have not printed it on their letter head?

Why and why does the subject say "Re:…"

I am sure ACS has doubts on its authenticity and that’s why they are asking to get a statutory letter.

Can you get it printed on letter head that has the company name printed in color on top like the usual letter heads?

I have requested company to give on company letter head or send hard copy which I can notarize it.

They might be providing same thing with company logo on top in soft copy . Will that be good or I need to wait for hard copy and get it notarized ?

Soft copy works too but it should have the company logo on top and preferably in color to make it look authentic.

Thanks anil .it is extremely helpful

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Hi Anil

Am attaching new experience letter with company logo . Is this ok ?can u confirm pls ?

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Can you remove the ‘Re’ which is written just before your name?
Everything else looks good to me.

Ok sure thanks. Let me try to remove it