ACS Skill assessment - Is CV needed?

Hi ,

Is CV needed for ACS?

I am going to follow the below link to file my skill assessment however I would like to get confirmation if this link still valid given that I don’t see that my latest CV has to be uploaded or not.

Passport last name is not listed on any document

and secondly my passport last name (DXX) is not listed in any of Degree, Mark Sheet and work experience.

So could you help in providing required Affidavit format that I need to follow and upload as part of this assessment.

Dependent documents for ACS

thirdly any dependency docs (spouse, kids) that I need to upload?


CV is required for ACS assessment. (Updated my answer based on @Jagadeesh_T finding)

I will check if there is any affidavit required for last name. I am not sure at this point.

No documents required for dependents.

Thanks Anil. To be more specifically - My Degree certificate, mark sheet and work experience has got “Jagadeesh T” whereas my passport has “Jagadeesh DhXXX”, where DhXXX is my surname. So would like to know how to mention both the name are same through affidavit while submitting to ACS

Hi Anil,

Did you get a chance to look at affidavit format? Appreciate your help


CV is required as per ACS guidelines

Required Documents

  1. Birth Certificate or Passport – Applicant details page only, not full passport
  2. Degree or Award Certificate
    • Title of Degree or Award
    • Name of University or Awarding Institution
    • Date the Degree or Award was completed – the qualification will be assessed as NOT suitable if
    there is no documented evidence that the degree has been completed and awarded. A letter of
    completion will also be accepted for Australian qualifications only.
  3. Degree or Award Transcript
    • Unit or Subject Names and Grades or Marks Achieved
  4. Employment References
  5. If you apply for a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) application, you will need to
    submit an ACS Recognition of Prior Learning Form.
  6. Resume/Curriculum Vitae


Ok. Thanks for the info. Looks like I got it wrong on the CV part.

Affidavit for name difference should just mention all combinations of your name on Rs. 100 stamp paper and get it notarized. What should be enough.