ACS deducts from 10 calendar years or last 10 years of work experience?

@Anil_Gupta When you say they deduct 2 years from the last 10 years, is that 10 calendar years or my last 10 years of work experience? Example: I started working in 2006 but did my MS between 2008-2010 (2 years) so my total work experience is (13-2) = 11years. But if they consider just last 10 calendar years (2009-2019) then my work experience becomes 9 years.

Its 10 calendar years.

Read this:

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This is disheartening @Anil_Gupta as it looks like calculated as of today I have 9 years of relevant work experience (2010-2019) from which 2 years will be deducted leaving me with 7 years and so I can’t claim max points for skills and I can’t reach 75 but only 70 for 189 visa.

Note: I also have 2 years relevant work experience (2006-2008) but a 2year MS(2008-2010) in between so the 2nd rule of deducting 4 years from the total is also giving me 7 years of work experience.

Is the only option before me to wait another year, so my total work exp is 10 years, so after 2-year deduction I can claim max point for work exp & apply for 189 visa with 75 points sometime after may in 2020?
Should I go ahead with ACS assessment now itself, get 70 points for 189 visa this year (invite for which seems unreachable now) and apply for 190 visa with 75 points (70+5for state sponsor)? Is 190 visa reachable in the coming year 2019-2020 with 75 points for state sponsorship?

Is there any other suggestion you can give? Should I go for skill assessment now itself and get 7 years awarded and create EOI? Will my EOI get automatically updated to 8 years after a year has passed or I would need to go for ACS assessment again?

Thank you @Anil_Gupta.
One last question. Do you see any chances of invite for year 2019-2020 for 190 visa with 70 points for code 2613 (software engineer) ?

Hi @manish41711
I don’t think there is any chance of invite till Sep 2019 with 70 points.

Sorry @Anil_Gupta I think my sentence was not worded properly. I meant any chance of invite for year 2019-2020 for state sponsored 190 visa when you add the 5 state points, i.e. 70+5 = 75 points for code 2613 (software engineer).

My answer is same. State points are not added until state really invites you.
So, its the same thing.

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Thank you @Anil_Gupta!