ACS Assessment work experience calculation by leaving masters


I have got ACS assessment result today(Attached screenshot)

My Question is how many points do I get for Education and Work experience considering the ACS assessment result.

With above ACS assessment, I am in short of 5 points for Work experience because I have a gap of 1.5 years from 2011. So I would get only 10 points.

If at all only BSc in Comp Science (3 years course from India) was assessed ( AQF bachelor degree with a major in computing ), what was the possibility of getting points for Education and Work experience.

I am assuming I would have got 15 points for EDU(BSc and not MCA) and 15 points for Work Experience.

Thank you in advance

Nope. Even if you only count the bachelors degree, your total experience would still be be only:
9.5 years.

After deducting mandatory 2 years, your RELEVANT years would come out to be 7.5 years.
This will again keep you in work experience 5-8 year category.

More info:

Leave Current Employment End Date Blank in EOI

I suggest to keep the current employment’s end date blank when you fill EOI.
That way, you will automatically get extra 5 points when your total relevant experience crosses 8 years in next 6-7 months.

I was expecting the same result from ACS as you mentioned(Overall 9.5 - 2 years). I am still ok with 7.5 years as it is close to 8 years.

I have not take english test so far. I am planning to take in couple of month. So if ACS would have awarded relavant exp to claim 7.5 years it would have been better.

So what do you suggest on ACS Result. Should i go for Appeal ask for clarification or just leave it.

Appeal will not work as they have not made any mistake.

If you had not submitted your masters, they may have just given you that result.

If you want, you can apply for ACS again and see if they give you the desired result.

Also, do not wait now for English. Give it as early as possible and file your EOI.

I got following Reply from ACS

" The assessor will always try to calculate the earliest skilled date for all applicants.

As your qualifications were assessed as being closely related to the nominated occupation, you were required to demonstrate EITHER 2 years of experience in the last 10 years OR 4 years of experience in any time period. The rule applied to an application will be the one that gives the applicant the earliest date of meeting ACS requirements.

As you submitted your application in 01/2019 if the rule of 2 years’ experience in the last 10 years was applied the skilled date is 01/2011.
01/2018 – 10 years = 01/2009 + the required 2 Years of closely related experience = 15/01/2011.
However when the 4 year in anytime period rule is applied the skilled date would have been 11/2012.

That’s correct.
What is your question?