ACS assessment status waiting for documents - no email received

Ii logged into my profile on ACS website The application received status is green now.

ACS Assessment status is ‘Awaiting Documents’

Now it went to awaiting documents.

An email has been sent by your case officer requesting further documentation - please reply to this email for further information.


It seems they have sent an email but I have not received any.
Any idea what’s wrong here?

ACS application was filed by my agent and I received confirmation on my email

All this is done by my agent. The confirmation email of application i received on my email.

So this email also i should only receive. Right?
I just receive their email when i filled the application:


No email after that.
Please help.

Check your email. They have sent an email to you.

Sample ACS Assessment email for uploading documents

This email Email to the email address that you provided while creating application.
This email lists the documents that ACS wants you to upload again (if you have already uploaded them) or any new document that they need from you.


Sometimes, you get errors on ACS application while uploading documents if you try to delete the wrong file that you accidentally uploaded.
You can’t really delete any files.

But, as a side effect, the file you tried to delete may not show to you as deleted, but it is corrupted at ACS server.

In that case, ACS officer will ask you to re-load the file and will send the above shown email.

Check your mail box span or Junk folder

The email is sent by automated ACS system and may land in your mailbox’s SPAM or JUNK email folder. Just search for it and double check.

Thanks Anil for quick reply.
I checked everywhere but it didn’t come.

Should i call ACS and ask them?

If you can’t find the email, then yes, you should definitely contact ACS and ask them to resend.

They are pretty good with support. You will get answer within 24 hours.

ok. I sent them email at

And they replied by sending me the missing document email.
Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Good to know. All the best.

Submit the document as early as possible.