ACS assessment - Secondary applicant designation varies in two jobs

Hello Anil,
I am a secondary applicant . For one of the employer in acs , my designation is senior support analyst instead of senior analyst . Would this be a problem ?

Hi @Rishabh_Jain

ACS looks at the job’s role and responsibilities and not the job title.

Thanks for your reply . I already got my acs… no issue in getting acs .
But issue is in acs report , for one of the employer designation is incorrect . It won’t be a problem right when I submit my documents after receiving invite .

Hi @Rishabh_Jain

Your same question has been answered on our other forum clearly.
Not sure what else are you looking for.

There is no issue as has already been communicated on other forum in response to your answer.

Please do not post repetitive questions as we monitor both forums and will mark it as spam in future.