ACS assessment payment evidence not submitted

Hi Anil

I got the below response from ACS for the work experience not being assessed successfully. Can you please help.

  1. Payment evidence (as per the guidelines) needs to cover the beginning and end for each year of employment.
  2. The assessor has noted, the second form of payment evidence is missing.
    Employment evidence for the deponent (of the statutory declaration ) is missing.


What help do you need here? Please ask specific question.

I would like to know what is the second form of payment evidence.
What employment evidence shall I submit for the deponent?

The two forms of payment evidence can be payslips, bank statement, form 16 (tax document), provident fund deductions, income tax return documents.

Thanks Anil. Do I need to submit all the payslips and income tax return document.

Also what do they accept for deponent employment evidence.

Hi Anil,

Form 16 Part A should be sufficient I guess?
Also for co workers employment verification letter , do we need his salary on the letter?


Salary details can be skipped for co-worker.

Hi Anil,

While generating the co worker employment letter, It is required to select the To Address(to whom letter is being sent) , can I put the ACS details in To section.


It is better that you avoid addressing someone explicitly.
My suggestion is to write “to whomsoever it may concern”.