ACS assessment - Employer not providing Experience letter

Hi Anil,
I did B-tech(Computer Science & Engineering). I have a total 11 years of experience as a software engineer. I am planning to apply for ACS skill assessment.
I had worked for a consultancy in USA for one year in client location. The consultancy is not providing me the experience letter for that one year.
i) Is it OK to get the statutory declaration from a colleague in the client location? Because I am not in-touch with anyone in the consultancy.
ii) Is it OK to leave that 1 year while applying for ACS?

iii) For current company experience letter, Is it OK to get the letter from a colleague or it’s must to get it from my manager? also do I need to get it on company letterhead?

Requesting you to please clarify the above doubts.

Work Experience Letter from Colleague In Client Location

If you do not have any other option, then you can get letter from Colleague from Client company.

This should be the last option though if you have tried all other ways to get letter directly from consultant company.

Can you get a letter from consultant company that do NOT provide work experience letter? That would be really helpful in proving your case.

Okay to Leave 1 year experience with ACS

1 year can make a difference of 5 points in total point calculation. ACS does not force you to submit letters for all years of work.

They just consider the time that you can prove with letters and would just ignore the time you do not have letters for.

Current company Work experience letter

Letter on Company letterhead adds an extra level of reliability. It is recommended to have it.

If you cannot get it on letter head or from manager, then try to get it from anyone who has designation above your designation.

Hi Anil,
Thank you very much for the quick reply. Appreciate it.

I have sent 2-3 emails to the consulting company requesting for experience letter but they are not responding to my emails. So, I am planning to get the letter from a colleague in client location.
You are right, I may loose 5 points If ACS deducts more than 2 years from my 10 year exp.

Can you please help me on what and all needs to be done as a part of statutory declaration?
I am confused by reading lot of things online. I know the normal notary where they put a stamp and sign on it but not sure about statutory declaration.

This is what I got from official ACS website.
The document must state that it was Sworn Before, Signed Before or Witnessed Before the authorised witness by the referee and signed by the authorised witness, with the date and place in which the declaration was made.
Is this done on a stamp paper? My colleague also need to be with me to do this process? What are all the stamps need to be on the declaration? Notary, True copy etc… Can you please post a sample copy if you have one?

Please advise


Stamp paper for ACS Statutory Declaration not required

The statutory declaration can be on a plain paper.

The better option is to have it on company letterhead and then signed by the colleague who is vouching for you.

Notary and Stamping for ACS Statutory Declaration

A witness signature is required and it can be anyone from your same company.
Notary is also required.

Notary needs to mention that the document was SIGNED by the colleague and the witness in Notary’s presence.

Notary, then needs to sign and stamp this document.

Colleague and Witness sign

In India, notary will probably sign and stamp it irrespective of when and where the actual statutory document was created.
In USA, notary would require your colleague and witness to be present in person as they are pretty strict there.

The test on the statutory document should have this:

  1. Write Sworn Before, Signed Before or Witnessed Before and then Name of Witness, contact information (Phone number and address), PLACE (Name of City/State) and date.
  2. Colleague should sign after the Witness Name and give his/her own Name, Phone, contact address, PLACE (Name of City/State) and date.

Notarize Statutory Declaration

Notary should sign and stamp after both witness and colleague has signed. This can be a copy of the original or the original itself.

Sample ACS work experience letter - Contents

The sample letter should contain the following content apart from the stamping and singing requirements:

Thank you very much.

Hi Anil,
I have one question regarding acs assessment.Do i need to get statutory declaration letter for manager reference in current company.
please advise

Yes, a letter is needed from current company as well.

It is your choice if you get it from Manager or some other co-worker.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. This helps.

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Hi Anil,

Quick question regarding statutory declaration from a colleague in my previous company. Is the witness need to be from same company or anyone is fine?
Thank you.


Anyone can be a witness.
It is better to have someone from same company though.

If I have worked for two companies. Is the experience letter needed from two separate colleagues of both companies.
Also i have experience letter for one company on letter head but it does not mention the work duties and responsibilities of the job. It just mentions joining and relieving date on company letter head.

Hi @AustPR
You have to get a separate letter for each individual company and it should mention roles and responsibilities.

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Hello Anil,

If employer will not issue any email or letter (stating why they can’t issue you the experience letter). Is it possible to prove my Experience by having only employment reference letter from colleague , including Bank slips (Salary statement) as a proof of my Experience letter.