ACS assessment 'Early Start Date' in Expression of interest

Hey Anil,

Today I got the letter from ACS. According to them the experience counts from Sept, 2011, ‘early start date’ which means it is 6+ years experience.

But while applying for expression of interest I found that they didn’t have anything to do with the sept 2011 ‘early start date’. Am I missing something? or is it expected?

More explanation:
ACS has calculated my experience as 6+ years (with early start date consideration - 15 points) but when I filled EOI I filled my entire employment history which comes to 8+ years, which falls under 20 points category.

This is expected or am I missing something?

Use ACS relevant experience Start date as first job’s START date in EOI

You should enter the first job’s START date in EOI as what is mentioned in your ACS letter as the ‘relevant start date’.

In your EOI, you only have to mention the job experience that is relevant and you want to use it for getting points.
This relevant experience in your case is AFTER ‘Sep 2011’ as per ACS letter.

Read more about ACS assessment start date:

Does that answer your query?
Let me know if you need more information.