ACS assessment deducts 2 years for everyone?

I have a work experience in first company from Jan 30 2012 to August 13 2015,second company from Aug 19 2015 to Dec 22 2017 and third company from Dec 28 2017 till present.

I have completed the Computer science and engineering degree in 2011

How much years of experience will be counted

Add the months and you will get the number of years. Do not count the time when you did NOT work.

What are the documents to be submitted to ACS for assessment.

How many years would be deducted for my degree Computer science & engineering. There is a concept of ICT major or ICT minor

2 years will be deducted.

Does every degree in CSE or IT assessed by ACS falls under the ICT major or ICT minor?

Do they have any further categories?

If the subject you studied match with your job skill, it is counted as Major. Else, it will be counted as minor.

I am a MSBI skill resource with a role as senior software engineer. I work in SSIS, SSRS and T-SQL technologies. what skillset do I need to choose.

Is it software engineer or the database administrator. In India database administrator does the role of maintaining databases a database operational Jobs like taking backs up.

However, I do the programming in T-SQL

You are the best person to decide which job fits your profile more.

Think it this way, when you search for new job, you look for Database related jobs or simple software engineer jobs?

Choose the one that best matches your profile.
Also, each job should separately match the job code you choose to get points.
ACS will count it as relevant only if 65% of what you did in that job matches with the ANZSCO code that you choose.

I have completed my graduation in computer science in 2015 and currently working as a software engineer having 4+ years of experience so during ACS skills assessment how many years of experience is considered i heard that they deduct 2 years is that true if yes is there any way to claim 4 years of experience to be considered.

Appriciate your response. Please clarify my doubt thanks in advance


Hi @sai_ram

I have explained how ACS deducts 2 year for everyone.