ACS assesment calcutions for Bsc hospitality administration

Hi sir,
I’m very thankful to u without knowing as well, i have got plenty of clarifications from ur answers.

I want to know regarding my assessment.

I have done Bsc hospitality administration ( 3 years ) on 2004- 2007 then worked in shore for 11 months worked as chef after tat i joined merchant navy (cargo ship) worked as ch. cook like contract bases, which means 6 month contract , 8 months contract 9 months contract and i have got vacation total of 62 months offshore experience in foreign going ships, so total of 73 months of experience.

Firstly will they consider my sea experience as ACS assessment, then secondly i have worked in restaurant whenever I comes for vacation and i have got experience certificate too but I’m was paid by cash on hand, do they consider this too as my work experience please reply me.

I’m very confused regarding this queries.

ACS assessment will consider your education and work experience only if it matches with your on job work experience.

Also, the assessment agency is decided by the ANZSCO job code that you choose. ACS assesses job codes for software engineer category.

I am not sure if you have worked in computer software area at all.

Please choose your ANZSCO code first.

I have chosen 351411 as my ANZSCO code… i have gone through for evaluation from apex visas and aram visas consultancy. They said tat I’m eligible for my work qualification and experience. But still need clarification. I have attached my CV can pls say me whether i can go for pr assessment r not…

Please do not send the CV to me. I cannot judge based on CV.

You have to get your 351411 job code assessment done from TRA (trades Recognition Australia).

I cannot comment on what visa consultancy firm has said.