ACS 5 year Work Experience deduction on Vendor Certificate/AQF Diploma

I have one concern which I need to discuss with you and hoping :crossed_fingers: i will get clear understanding on that.

I’m working in Computer Networking domain since 2010 till now. I don’t have any degree . I finished my secondary school/Matric in 2009 and after that i start job and didn’t continue study.

But I have vendor certification which in recognized by ACS,

Cisco : CCIE Security (Certified Date is 17-August-2018 )
Microsoft: MCSE ( Certified Date is 05-January-2020 )

My believe is my vendor certificate will be compare as AQF diploma with major in ICT through ACS. But they will deduct 5 year experience.

My Working experience 12-February-2010 to till now. Now my concern is they will deduct that 5 year work experience from the starting of my experience or after completing my 1st Vendor certificate ( Certificate completion date 16-August-2018)

I’m very confused and try to find the answer on your blog, online, even contacting ACS but no luck.

Will wait for your kind response.


What has ACS responded with?

Usually, they only count work experience after the education degree completion.