Academic years completed? & Total work experience

(Vamshi) #1

Hi, while filling out the express entry profile I came across couple of things that were troubling me,

  1. The section that is asking to provide the number of academic years completed: I did my masters from USA which I which in 3 semesters 2015 Aug to 2016 Dec, which boils down to 1 and half year. I tried to put 1.5 / 1 year 6 months but it wouldn’t accept it and I’m stuck there without any idea what to do. Ant help will be highly appreciated.

  2. Total Work experience: As for the work experience is concerned, currently I’m having 1 year and 10 months experience (at 40 hours / week). So when they ask for consolidated years of experience should I put 1 years or 2 years?

Note: By the time I apply for PR I will have complete 2 years work experience.