75 points Business Analyst - 189 Visa

Hey Guys,
I have submitted my EOI on 75points for ICT Business Analyst on 13th Feb 2019, 189 Visa.

Any guesstime on when i can expect an invitation?

You can expect 189 PR invite for business analyst with 75 points after about 6 months of waiting.

My estimate is that you will get invite in July 2019 draw.

Thank you for answer.
I have also appiled for state sponsorship of NSW, do you have any guesstime for 190? I have appiled on 80points.

Chances are good for 190 invitation but I do not have any estimated time for it.

Sure, thank you for your help.

Hi Anil,
I have submitted an EOI as an ICT business analyst in April 2019.
75 points for 189
80 points for 190
On 29 June 2019, i will complete 8 years of employment in my current occupation adding 5 points to each category.
Can I expect an invite in the July invitation round?

Also, could you shed some light on the current processing times once the invite is received?

Hi @hope2019

You have good chance of invite in July 2019 draw.

Thank you Anil, Appreciate the quick reply!!

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Hi Anil,

I am working in Melbourne since Feb 2018. I created my EOI on August 2018 with 65 points and it was updated to 70 points automatically after I completed one year.

My points break up are as follows.

Education - 15 points
Age - 30 points
English - 20 points
Work Experience - 0 points ACS deducted 6 years as I have non IT qualification
Australia experience - 5 points
Victoria sponsorship - 5 points

What are the chances of receiving an invite as ICT Business analyst. Also please suggest if I should apply for NSW State Sponsorship

Hi @amithash_sharma

Chance of invitation with 70 points are low at this time.
You can create profile for NSW if you want.

Thanks for your quick response Anil. I have 75 points with VIC sponsorship. Would it be any good, if I apply for NSW now or should I wait. I have a job in Melbourne which I may not be able to change. Request your guidance

Hi @amithash_sharma

Its your choice if you want to wait. At this time, invites are not coming by easily.
So, its better you keep your options open.

Thanks Anil. I created a EOI today and applied for NSW State sponsorship. Appreciate your suggestion

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