482 TSS spouse visa

Hello @Anil_Gupta,

I am on 482 TSS visa and applying for my husband’s dependent visa. One of the document we would need is written letter from me which should mention that I am willing to extend my nomination to my husband, and also I need to prove that my employer are aware that I am nominating my husband.
Now my question is, do you know/ or have any format (Employer’s side) which can be used by my employer to provide me no objection letter or anything similar , OR any formal/informal writing on company’s letter head will do the job??

I am asking to know if there is any specific word/sentence are important in the letter to mention. please advise


I don’t have any standard format to share at this time.

But, a normal letter on Employer letter head should be enough.

would you be able to help me with the content please ???

Sorry, i can’t write it.

Hello @Anil_Gupta,

I have a question regarding Subsequent entrant visa for my husband.

I believe my employer has to be agree in writing that they are happy to extend my nomination to my husband.
In that case, would you mind guiding me if my employer would have any obligation with the extension of nomination?
Means, if they need to do anything specific or obliged to do anything to nominate my husband ??

Hi @Swarnika_Kumari

I am not aware of any such obligation on the Employer’s part.

Thanks @Anil_Gupta :slight_smile:

I have one query, would you be able to tell me if I have fair chance of getting an invite at 80 point for 190 Victoria in 261313 (Software engineer).
I am working in Melbourne from last 2.5 years as Software engineer and I have 2.3 years of experience from India in the same field.

Hi @Swarnika_Kumari

Its not possible to we estimate state invites as they don’t share any information.

80 points is a good score though as you are currently working in Melbourne too.