240 days limit in case of 2 petitions, extention approved, amendment pending

Hi Team,

Below is my case:
i94 expired - Dec 31, 2019.
240 days limit ends on Aug 27,2020.
Extension filed with Client A in Normal mode (Petition 1): Dec 18,2019
Client A project is over and had to move to Client B in new location.
Extension cum Amendment filed with Client B in Premium (Petition 2)- Jul 15,2020 (Decision on Petition1 is pending at this time)
Received RFE on Petition 2 the next day - RFE is about Adjudication Status of Petition1.
Upgraded Petition1 to Premium on Aug 5,2020 and USCIS website is updated that it is approved on Aug 18,2020.
Yet to receive approval copy to understand the new approval dates and i94 of Petition1.
Petition2 RFE response is going to be filed by Attorney on Aug 19th quoting the petition1 approval.

Having above scenario, did I cross the barrier of 240 days with Petition1 approval. Can I continue working beyond 240 days even I don’t receive decision on Petition2 RFE before 27th Aug?

Appreciate your information on this.

If you got the extension approved with new i94, then 240 days rule is over.

Your new i94 governs your new status.

Thank you @Anil_Gupta for the quick update.