221g Issued at Delhi Consulate - client letter, i797,i129, project itenary

Hi Anil,

I had H1B visa interview on 26th Nov,2019 at New delhi consulate. I received 221g blue slip . Passport returned. asked for client letter, i797, i129,LCA, itinerary, contract, the year 2018 paystubs. I sent all these documents in an email on 2nd December( 12/02/2019)
My client received the verification email on 18th December, they replied on the day DHS/consulate.
After that, there is no update. AT CEAC it shows the last update the same as the interview date(26th November)
Could you please let me know how much time it takes for further update.?

Was there any problem in year 2018?

Why do you think visa officer asked for 2018 payslips?

I joined the current employer on 2018.

  1. VO asked for salary
  2. do you work at client site
  3. highest degree and
  4. how long I have been working with the current employer which i answered one and half year(since July 2018).

Not sure why exactly asked for 2018 paystubs. I sent all 2018 paystubs including previous employer paystubs.

Hi @rameshb79

In that case, you should have received response by now.
You can expect your approval anytime now as usually these type of cases get result within a week of client verification.

Hi @Anil_Gupta - Thank you so much for reply.